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3 tips to keeping your child germ-free

As a parent, it's likely you will see your child get sick at some point. Rather than get too panicked about preventing your baby from illness, you can instead focus on minimizing their exposure to germs and avoid falling for misconceptions or myths. Because there can be many hazards parents aren't aware of, domestic services are a good choice for managing childcare and trusting in your little one's safety.

Here are some easy tips for keeping a child safe without going overboard. You may also wish to look for a nanny or housekeeper who has particular experience working with small children:

  1. Don't panic too much about daycare: The Washington Post recently covered a study regarding the difference in illness rates between young children who attended daycare and those who didn't. While the researchers did notice a higher likelihood of gastroenteritis among children in daycare by age 1, these same children were less likely to get it a few years later in life. So, though being exposed to other babies at a young age could bring a risk of being sick, it could also help them get it out of the way later on, this study suggests.
  2. Focus on hand washing: Julie Revelant said in a Fox News Health article that daycare staff should keep their hands clean. This can probably extend to other childcare professionals, including nannies and babysitters.
  3. Keep an eye on shared toys: Daycare may not be as dangerous as it seems, but there are still some health concerns that come with being around lots of children. Pay attention to anything that lots of children touch or chew on, and also make sure your child knows to cover their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze.

Hiring a nanny can be simple. Contact us to learn how to find a great childcare professional today.

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