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3 traits to look for when hiring a chauffeur

Chauffeur jobs require a certain poise, confidence and level of skill, and anyone looking to hire a personal driver needs to look for a very specific type of individual. While talent behind the wheel and proper safety training are must-haves in this field, there are a few other choice traits that you may want to consider looking for when interviewing for chauffeur positions in Los Angeles. Below are three of the most important traits that should be shared by every chauffeur. If yours is lacking even one of these, you may want to keep looking:

Calm under pressure – A chauffeur who can remain calm in a crisis is essential. Whether it's avoiding an accident or knowing how to handle himself when there is one, a calm demeanor can keep situations from growing out of control. Look for a chauffeur with a clean driving record, but also one who knows how to act in a crisis.

Consistency – A driver with a consistent record will be reliable and has the proper training and mindset to maintain that reliability under pressure. From arriving on time to being available in a pinch, this consistency is a key trait that you'll come to rely on, whether it's an emergency trip to the office or being ready to drive you home on late at night.

Strength of will – A driver who is willing and able to say no is another important trait. Chauffeur's are often bribed, especially in LA, by paparazzi, and a chauffeur you can trust to say no is essential. Furthermore, a chauffeur who is willing to say no to you should you ask them to do something illegal or unsafe is highly beneficial.

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