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3 unusual skills for an estate manager to learn

With such a wide variety of hats estate managers are expected to wear, it's difficult to imagine that there are jobs that may seem unusual to one. However, there are always areas of expertise that anyone in this field of domestic staffing might not expect to need but can be highly beneficial on the job.

Below are a few of these unconventional but key skills that could be the feather in your cap when seeking estate manager jobs:

Home security – In a home that doesn't have a private security force, it is possible that you will be responsible for overseeing the installation and maintenance of your employer's home security system. From security cameras to the home's lighting system, many different aspects of home security are now interconnected and automated — connected to the internet so that homeowners, or you, can access them with their smartphones. Estate managers should be aware of the vulnerabilities of these systems to protect their employers from hackers and physical crime.

Interior design – Decorating the home might be a required skill, especially if your employer rethinks their decor on a regular basis. You might be asked for advice or even put in charge of the interior design. While it might not be a strong suit, you should consider developing a basic understanding of style and design aesthetics, if only to assist in selecting the right professional designer for your employer's personal preferences.

Landscaping – An estate manager might be put in charge of the aesthetics outside as well as in. Your employer might task you to handle yearly landscaping needs, from scheduling tree trimmings to picking out the flowers to be planted across the grounds. In this area, it would be wise to pick up some tips on the best time of year to bring in a landscaping service for tree trimming, as well as learning about seasonal blooms, local wildflowers and what plants your employer might be allergic to.

There are a wide variety of other skills that might come up on an individual basis, whether your employer is a car fanatic looking to hire someone with a background in mechanics, or an art lover, but you should always consider your personal interests, hobbies and talents as selling points as an estate manager. If you're looking for work in this field, or seeking advice on how to expand your skill set, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. Our expert team can help you find the estate most in need of your personal touch and further your career in domestic services.

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