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3 ways a houseman can help you prepare for your Labor Day BBQ

Do you want to host a Labor Day BBQ, but feel your house needs some major work before doing so. Maybe your deck is dirty, the lawn is high and your house needs to be washed down. Between now and Labor Day there just isn't enough time to do all of this while figuring out the logistics of the gathering.

Hire a houseman who can help with cleaning and house maintenance. Here are three reasons why a houseman can help you throw a great BBQ to end the summer:

1. Make the backyard presentable

Wow your guests by making the outside of your home beautiful. Housemen can cut the grass, wash and paint the deck, clean the windows and take care of the pool. They are your ultimate handyman, which is perfect because you'll be busy prepping food and entertaining guests.

2. Assist housekeepers inside the home

Housemen are versatile. Not only will they clean the outside of your home, they can help housekeepers with heavy cleaning on the inside. Remember, although your BBQ will take place outside, people will have to enter your house at some point. Or, if it rains, they may have to congregate indoors until the storm passes.

3. Garden

Your flowers need watering to stay healthy and vibrant through autumn. Skilled housemen will know the difference between an Aster and Toad Lilly. They'll be able to choose whether Echinacea or Camellia look better in your garden. These type of housemen will also understand exactly how much water your plants and flowers need and when to trim them.

If you're looking for houseman jobs or want to hire a houseman, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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