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3 ways job seekers can leverage the internet to find work

Understanding how to use the internet to find work is imperative for job seekers. According to ScienceDaily, young unemployed who used the internet to search for work increased from 25 percent in the late 1990s to 74 percent by 2008/2009. Five years later, that number has only risen. Here are some tips to help you in your job search:

1. Take part in online discussion forms

There is no better way to prove you're an expert in something than by starting conversations with other professionals. Talking with other specialists not only helps you learn more about your subject, but it can also help you land a job.

It may take a little while to build rapport with someone over HubPages, LinkedIn or a blog. However,  if you are able to, you're well on your way to obtaining contact information to, say, the staffing agency that professional used. If you build a strong enough relationship, you may even be able to use them as a reference or drop their name to the agency.

2. Build connections through social networks

This may be more obvious to Millennial and Generation X folks than baby boomers, but no matter how old you are, you need to understand how to professionally leverage social media. According to Capterra, "94 percent of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruiting."

Further, consider this: Having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram account is impressive to place on a marketing resume. However, what happens if an employer finds out that you hardly use three out of the five social media accounts? You've instantly hurt your chances at obtaining the job. It's best to choose a couple of social networks you can devote your time too and build them up.

3. Start a blog 

Writers looking for work should start a blog.  There is no better way for a writing professional to showcase his or her skills than by having their own, living online platform. However, what about other professionals in business, engineering, cooking or even law?

A blog is a great way for every professional to showcase their expertise. You may forget to say something in an interview, but in your thank you letter, you can send them a link to your blog with the information.

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