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3 ways to make your resume stand out as a chef

To stand out to a staffing agency and family, a culinary arts' resume must showcase a chef's personality, creativity, diversity and an array of other professional qualities. Here are some tips to help you put together a tasty resume:

1. Diversity in the kitchen

When reviewing a chef's resume, a domestic staffing agency will look for the candidate's ability to cook a variety of different breakfasts, lunches, dinners and deserts. It may also look for the chef's knowledge on seasonings and spices. Further, if you consistently visit food trade shows to stay updated keep up on the latest trends in healthy living, this is a perfect opportunity to let the staffing agency and family know.

2. Numbers matter

Have you cooked for small and large families? Or have you created meals for family reunions of over 50 people? Did you once help your previous employer cut down on energy use in the kitchen, thus saving money on  his or her energy bill each month? To a staffing agency and family, this type of information will help you stand out from the competition. It shows your diversification and knowledge beyond just cooking and serving food.

3. Tailor the resume to the job

When you apply to a specific opening posted by a staffing agency, ensure you tailor it to that specific job. For example, if the job asks that chefs have experience cooking vegetarian meals,  include your background on this topic. If a family says the chef will be cooking for children, state how you've cooked for and worked with children in the past.

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