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3 ways to make your resume stand out as a housekeeper

It may seem difficult to write a housekeeping resume. You may not know what to include on it or how to make it stand out. How much detail should you really provide? Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect housekeeper's resume:

1. Include numbers

If you've worked for a large cleaning company before and were required to clean 10 or 20 houses a day, this is a great statistic to include. If the job you're applying for is to clean a mansion, these statistics will let the family know you're able to work under pressure. After all, there are a lot of rooms in a large residence and families want to make sure you can complete the job in a timely manner.

2. Include products you've used

This is essential because you don't want the staffing agency or family to think you're just going to Windex everything to eradicate spots and stains. Touch on different products you've used throughout your career. If you are having difficulty finding ways to include this information on your resume, at least jot down that you have experience using a wide variety of products.

3. Include a section that outlines your traits

If you're organized, can lift 50 plus pounds and are detail oriented, these are traits you need to include on your resume. While it's often considered good practice to pepper qualities and characteristics throughout the resume, it's not uncommon to bullet point them in a box. They not only stand out, but will further help you get picked up in Applicant Tracking Systems, which scan resume for keywords.

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