3 ways to make your resume stand out as a personal assistant

Personal assistants no longer work only for the wealthy. Now, all types of families use these employees to keep their business and life in order. It's also a great opportunity for individuals who want to showcase their diverse work background and set of managerial skills.

Here are some tips to help your resume stand out to a domestic staffing firm and family:

1. Showcase your communication skills

If one trait stands out on a personal assistant's resume, it should be his or her ability to communicate. You'll likely have to complete a number of tasks that require you to work with others. For example, if you're assisting an important business person, you may be scheduling and organizing meetings, setting up appointments or putting together presentations.

2. Use numbers to your advantage

Were you once a sales person who consistently went over your monthly sales quota? Were you in customer service and helped develop a new phone procedure that increased customer satisfaction? These types of numbers stand out on a personal assistant's resume, especially if you'll be working with an executive.

Try to quantify as many pieces of information on your resume as you can.

3. Be creative

As a personal assistant, you won't just be grocery shopping or writing thank you notes after a big birthday bash. You could be planning that large-scale birthday, which requires someone who has strong organizational, interpersonal and artistic skills and the ability to creatively and practically think through situations.  Don't be hesitant about including past positions that portray this important set of traits.

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