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3 ways to make your resume stand out as an estate manager

An estate manager has a lot of responsibilities. Essentially, he or she is the leader of the house. It'll be important for managers to create a resume that reflects their best leadership qualities, as well as well-rounded character and skill set. Here are a few things an estate manager should always include on his or her resume:

1. Showcase leadership ability and roles

Estate managers are leaders, so they need to make that clear on their resume. Remove phrases that indicate you "helped" accomplish a goal and instead replace them with words that showcase how you directly contributed to accomplishing something. Your leadership should shine through before you even meet with the staffing agency or family.

2. Include examples of difficult situations

As an estate manager, you may be in situations where you have to give orders and resolve difficult dilemmas between employees. Your resume should be filled with examples of moments when you overcame a problem or helped settle a problem between one or more people. Explain how you solved it and how your decision improved worker efficiency or happiness.

3. Showcase diversity and creativity

An estate manager must be creative and have the ability to practically think through any type of problem. He or she will likely create schedules for a home's staff members, be responsible for overseeing operations and resolve conflicts between those who work under him or her. Each of these scenarios requires someone who thinks outside the box.

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