3 ways to protect your kids from allergies

If you plan on having a nanny or personal assistant watch your children, you should ask yourself the following questions: Do you know why your children are suffering from allergies? And, are they telling you if they are? Unlike adults, many kids may not know they're suffering allergies, despite sneezing a lot, or they might not know why allergies are bothering them.

Here are three ways to ensure your kids stay protected as we head into the spring and summer.

1. Communicate with children
Your children need to feel comfortable telling your nanny or personal assistant when and how they're suffering from allergies. They should feel perfectly relaxed when asking their teachers to be dismissed from class if their allergies are acting up. Effective communication may not only help children better manage their allergies but also prevent them.

2. Understand the circumstances
Many experts are predicting that this allergy season could be as bad as last year's, and not for the same reasons. As you might remember, many parts of the country—particularly the north—had some unusual weather last year. Snow blanketed many regions well into the spring, which pushed spring allergy season into the summer. In a situation such as this, it's good to know that the allergy season will be more condensed and much more harsh than average seasons. To prepare, you might take extra steps to protect your kids such as cleaning your home more regularly or having them take allergy medicine throughout the year and not just when symptoms typically occur. 

3. Learn about allergies
There are many different types of allergies and many different ways to manage them. For example, if your children are allergic to tree pollen, an allergy specialist may recommend staying indoors during the day and taking allergy medicine. If they're allergic to pet dander, you may have to keep them away from pets. And, if they're allergic to mold, it may be time to hire a housekeeper to clean areas of your house that are breeding grounds for the spores

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