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3 ways to use social media to find a job

Social media is one of the strongest tools job seekers can use to find work with a staffing agency. Often agencies leverage these powerful sites as a way to quickly connect with qualified professionals in the domestic field. Here are some tips that will help you stand out from the crowd:

1.  Write articles on LinkedIn

Writing articles on one of the world's largest social media networks is a perfect way to establish yourself as a qualified expert. While it takes time to build up followers on your own blog, LinkedIn provides you with a ready-made audience. For example, if you're a chef, writing articles on eating healthy can get you noticed by domestic staffing agencies that are looking for a chef to cook for children or vegetarians.

2. Follow staffing agencies on social media

Staffing agencies or recruiters often post job openings on their social media accounts. If your dream job is to become a butler, estate manager or chef, following an agency or its recruiters is a great way to find out if a position in these fields is open. You can then contact the agency to find out more information about it and begin the application process.

3. Hyperlink social media profiles on your resume

While there are mixed reviews on this technique, hyperlinking social media profiles will only gain in popularity. A resume is an old-school way of showcasing your talents, but you can inject new life into it by adding a hyperlinked Twitter, LinkedIn or blog handle. It's a subtle way of providing a recruiter with your portfolio before he or she asks for one.

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