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4 important points from Prince’s personal chefs

As one of many people remembering the rock star Prince after his passing, Margaret Wetzler has a unique take on the beloved celebrity.  Just like with all domestic help for celebrities, there’s some lessons we can learn about the roles incoming staff can play, especially when their employer is someone as famous, busy and iconic as Prince.

Wetzler spoke to Food & Wine Magazine and described her whirlwind experience making meals for the legendary musician. Although the job came with plenty of challenges, and she eventually left due to the demanding schedule, Wetzler said the experience was enjoyable overall. Here are some interesting takeaways that you may want to remember when working with your own personal chef:

  1. Communication with other staff is important: During the Coachella music festival, where Prince was playing, Wetzler said she took three days off after his assistants said she couldn’t attend. However, Prince later asked Wetzler herself why she couldn’t have been backstage. Clearly, making clear arrangements helps both the employer and the chef know what to expect.
  2. Not everything needs to be fancy: While Prince had plenty of famous guests over for dinner, there were also simpler requests, like soft tacos or a cappucino. It all depends on what the person wants and how they choose to live.
  3. The chef is there to save the employer time: Wetzler also mentioned a moment where Prince refused to tell her where to place a chocolate fountain, saying “I do the music.” While some people may have a long list of preferences for chefs to follow, they may also expect the worker to make decisions on their own. Ultimately, outside help is supposed to keep the employer from worrying too much over other tasks.
  4. Things can change at any time: Another of Prince’s personal chefs, Ray Roberts, told City Pages that orders or preferences could change, requiring them to be ready. “He didn’t want anyone around him that was just stagnant because he wasn’t stagnant,” Roberts said. “He wanted you to be better every day. He kept you on your toes – never in a bad way. Always in a good way.”

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