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4 Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Mark your calendar! Mother's Day is right around the corner on Sunday, May 10. To make the celebration even more memorable, pair a one-of-a-kind gift with breakfast in bed. As a nanny, you can join in on the family holiday by organizing a fun arts and crafts day for your charges to fashion a surprise present while Mom is away at work. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cards: Homemade cards are sweet and folding a sheet of blank paper in half is as easy as it gets. Crayons, colored pencils and markers can be used to create a masterpiece on the front and fill the inside with a heartfelt message. Encourage the children to compose their own poems and let them show their love and appreciation for their mother in their own words.
  • Flowers: While flowers are a very traditional Mother's Day gift, children can make them special with personalized pots. Pick up some plain pots from the hardware store and let the kids unleash their imaginations with a paintbrush in hand. They may create a sunny day landscape or a geometric pattern, but either way, Mom will love the thought and effort that went into her flowers' new home.
  • Picture Perfect: A parent's office space is not complete without family photos. Decorate picture frames and include the children's latest school photo or a special moment they shared with Mom.
  • Portable Prints: Children grow up before our very eyes. To remind Mom of how little her little ones used to be, incorporate the kids' hand and footprints into an apron or tote bag that she can wear or carry for years to come.

Crafts are a great spring activity, and Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to bring out your charges' creativity. If you're looking to find nanny jobs through a domestic staffing agency, consider Colonial Domestic Agency

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