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4 reasons to work with a nanny agency

Using a professional nanny agency provides many benefits that going through other resources or looking for work on your own cannot offer. According to the International Nanny Association, the most important part of any nanny job search is finding a family that's the right fit, and registering with a local nanny agency will help ensure that you find a place in a household that not only matches your skill set, but personality and career aspirations as well.

The INA offers several reasons for working with a nanny agency, including:

Industry expertise – One of the most important advantages of working with a local agency is the ability to leverage their industry- and location-specific knowledge. An agency will ensure you're treated like a professional and help match you with a family that will as well. Furthermore, they will be more familiar with the latest fluctuations in the industry and influencing factors that could play a major role in your job search.

Long-term success – A local nanny agency will also have a history of employment contracts that registers with the family as well. This boosts your own credibility and puts the reputation of the agency behind you. You should select an agency that highlights your personal strengths and preferences within the professional as well, focusing on communication and your desired specifics for a position.

Ongoing support – Beyond the immediate professional assistance, working with an agency also provides support over time, ensuring that you continue to have a strong network in place even after being placed with a new family. This will help in future job searches, and also allows you to give back, offering references and support to others in the industry. They can also help mediate job disputes for you.

Personalized attention – Working with a local nanny agency offers a much more personalized effort in your job search as well, which will ensure your job hunt is swift and successful. An experienced agency will be able to narrow down your options and ensure you're interviewing with families that match your personal needs, while matching you more effectively with the household.

Being a nanny is an incredibly rewarding career, and offers many opportunities for growth and serving as a positive influence on the future of the world. However, in order to gain these benefits you must work with the right family, and enlisting the services of a local nanny agency, such as Colonial Domestic Agency, can help. If you're looking for nanny jobs in Los Angeles, contact us today for more information on how we can help you find the perfect path forward in your career.

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