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4 tips for being the best nanny you can be

Being a nanny isn't just about taking care of a child, you also become a partial member of the family. Because every family has different expectations and demands, there can be a bit of a learning curve for any nannying job, whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned veteran. In order to make a great initial impression and continue to have a positive impact on your family's lives, you'll also have to ensure you remember the little details that will make your relationship with them much smoother over time.

Here are a few tips on optimizing your role as a nanny and position in a family's household:

Always be polite – Being polite and courteous is an essential part of being a nanny, especially if you have to turn down a request. Whether it's an update to your contract asking you to perform a task you absolutely do not want to do, or a request to work late on a night you can't, you have to remember to be polite, even if your employer becomes angry. While this might spawn a discussion about your role and expectations in the household, keeping your cool in any situation will optimize your relationship with your employer.

Be flexible – While it is important to set clear hours for your work, it can also help to be a little flexible, family life is rarely on the same time-table as professional life, and your employers might need to you to work a few minutes early or later in the day with frequent occasion. If you feel you're being taken advantage of it's important to speak up, but remember that traffic delays, important events and other scenarios can always disrupt a family's day, and you're part of that now.

Remember the details – The little details will make a big difference in how your role in the family plays out. Remembering the quirks, minor preferences and habits of your employers will help you endear yourself into their lives and the lives of their child much faster.

Work in a timely manner – While it is important to remain flexible, it is also important to be prompt and timely. A parent might arrive home late with frequency and expect you to work an extra five to 10 minutes, but if you arrive to work late it will be even more disruptive to their day. While nannying might seem like a more casual environment, it is still a career and you need to ensure you arrive to work and appointments on time every day. 

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