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4 tips for nannies for making Thanksgiving great

Thanksgiving is an excellent time of the year to engage children in arts and crafts and teach them about the history of the nation. As a nanny, you can expand upon these themes, using fun activities to educate your charges about Thanksgiving and the stories and history behind it.

Before the turkey is in the oven and pies are being baked, there are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Consider some craft projects that can be used to decorate or, if you've been engaged for the holiday itself, some activities that will allow the parents some free time with their guests, keeping the kids happy and entertained on the day itself. Here are a few of our favorite activities that you can use throughout November to prepare for Thanksgiving, or to celebrate the holiday in style:

Create a cornucopia – Cornucopia's are a traditional Thanksgiving image that can be fun to create either on paper or using real fruit and vegetables. If they do a good job creating a real one with edible or wax fruit, it can even be used as the centerpiece for the table. You can also use construction paper to create a variety of fruits and vegetables and then accent the cut outs with fallen leaves for a unique look.

Hand turkeys – A child-favorite craft project for Thanksgiving is creating hand turkeys. Have your charge trace his or her hand on a piece of construction paper, carefully cut out the outline, then color it and attach feathers, beads and other art supplies to create fun, imaginative turkeys they can hang up around the house.

Make mini-Thanksgiving meals – Teaching children who are old enough how to cook is a great way to engage them as a nanny, and there's no better month for it than November. With the hectic style that most families engage in for preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you can model various teaching lessons off of it earlier in the month. Show the children how to make mashed potatoes, gravy and other side-dishes, and prepare miniature Thanksgiving meals with turkey sandwiches and cranberry sauce and other fixings through November.

Teach them the history of Native Americans – Los Angeles has a rich Native American history. Teaching the children about the story of Thanksgiving in New England and their own local history can be a great way to introduce them to a new culture and expand their knowledge of the history of the nation.

These are just a few great activities you can use to entertain children on and around Thanksgiving day. For Los Angeles nannies looking for more tips, browse our blog at Colonial Domestic Agency. We also offer job placement services for anyone looking for a new nanny job in LA.

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