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4 tips for nannies to make Thanksgiving special: Part Two

If you're a nanny, the following advice will help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season. In the first part of our two-part series, we talked about creating fun projects with the kids and helping the parents cook. In this part we'll discuss a few more ideas.

A nanny's responsibility is to help support the parents. And during the holidays, parents can become especially busy with planning, prepping and cooking. In this final part, we'll discuss how you can use this time to teach kids about Thanksgiving and some more ways you can help alleviate parents' stress.

1. Teach kids about Thanksgiving

Is there a favorite museum you like to go to that has a Thanksgiving exhibit? Maybe there's a Thanksgiving themed movie coming out in theaters or, if they're older, a musical that is playing in town. These are all great ways to introduce them to the holiday and teach them more about what makes it special.

If you're planning on traveling to the East Coast for the holidays, take the kids to Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, a famous spot where the pilgrims first landed.

2. Help the parents prepare

If the parents are hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving, help them clean the home. Nannies are usually responsible for light house cleaning duties.

If the parents are planning on going out of town, you could help pack their children's clothing and toys. This will help save the parents time as they book flights and lodging.

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