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4 tips for nannies with charges starting preschool

Preschool is a critical time in any child's life, and while some parents may choose to end a relationship with a nanny at this time, having one around can help ease the transition and ensure their charges are getting the most out of early education. For nannies in LA, this presents a key opportunity to help a child grow and learn, while encouraging improved development. They key is to study and incorporate optimized curriculum that a child is beginning to learn in school into their games and free time at home as well.

In order to ensure proper development, and that a child gets as much out of preschool as possible, nannies first need to understand the basics of how children learn. According to Community Services for Children, the home environment is just as important in learning and developing and identity as school, and a nanny can help create a positive influence early in a child's life. Especially as infants, a nanny's charges are active learners, so encouraging language skills, good education habits and positive relationships that create a foundation for learning will be the first steps in a nanny's efforts to help in the education processes.

As children age, their learning needs will change, but a nanny can continue to play a critical role in this development. Below are a few tips nannies can use to keep encouraging learning as their charges enter preschool:

Encourage group activities – Preschool is a critical time for learning socialization skills for children, so encouraging group play and helping charges build young friendships can help them be better prepared for the classroom. Take your charges to the park or plan activities with other nannies.

Incorporate school lessons into playtime – Toddlers learn best through engaging, playful activities, so understanding what they are learning in school and integrating into the games you play after school and weekends will help drive those lessons home more effectively.

Promote exploration – Exploration is a key way that toddlers learn. Take them on a nature walk, encourage questions and be sure to answer them in a way that engages your charge to continue exploring.

Reflect on other learning experiences – Every child learns at a slightly different pace and in different ways. Be sure to evaluate their progress and adapt your plans as needed to optimize engagement and their curiosity. The right activities will go a long way toward boosting their excitement about learning new things.

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