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4 ways nannies can keep kids healthy this winter: Part One

Although flu season is off to a slow start this year in many areas of the U.S., that doesn't mean you should ignore the virus. Many parts of the U.S. have experienced unseasonably warm temperatures due to a rare El Nino. But, cold weather can hit at anytime, leaving your and your children's health vulnerable.

If you've hired a nanny, it's important you sit down with her and have a discussion about ways to keep the kids healthy this winter. Here are a few tips.

1. Dress in layers

Let's start with the most obvious but often neglected: dress appropriately. Make sure the kids are bundled up when they're waiting at the bus stop. Make sure they wear multiple layers and check with them several times to make sure they're warm but not overheating. Kids should not only be wearing long sleeves, pants and a winter jacket, but they should protect their hands, head, face and feet. These are areas that are most vulnerable during winter weather.

2. Clean everything!

Do your part at home by making sure every part of your house, within reason, is disinfected. Clean the bathroom thoroughly, as well as door knobs and sink handles. Make sure to dust throughout the week and vacuum.

Also reach out to your children's teachers and ask them how often the classrooms are cleaned. Most schools hire custodians to clean daily, but it's reassuring for nannies and parents to reach out anyway.

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