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4 ways to help children overcome their spring allergies

Is your child allergic to pollen, ragweed, dust or mold? If so, you know how difficult it is for them to enjoy life and concentrate in school. Here are several tips to help them fight allergies this spring.

1. Talk to an allergy specialist
Don't just start taking allergy medicine. There's dozens of bottles and pills lining pharmacy counters, so it's important that you talk to an allergy specialist well before purchasing any for your child. An allergy specialist will give your child a test and recommend the best treatment options.

2. Begin taking medicine now
It'll take a few weeks for your child's body to build up a defense to allergens. That's why most people are usually shocked when they suffer from an allergy attack and medicine doesn't immediately rectify their problem. Spring allergies are already underway in many parts of the country, so if you plan on having your child take medicine, you should have them do so immediately.

3. Stay inside during recess
This is honestly a difficult piece of advice to give because what kid doesn't like going outside and playing with his or her friends? However, if your child has asthma and has severe allergy attacks, you should seriously consider alternative solutions. For those with minor to moderate allergies, try avoid going outside when pollen counts are high.

4. Keep your the home and classroom clean
This is easier to do at your house than in the classroom, primarily because you have control over the former, but try reaching out to teachers or school administrators about keeping the classrooms extra clean this spring. If teachers typically open the windows during the spring and summer, ask if they can turn the A.C. on instead. This will keep allergies out.

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