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4 ways to help your child get used to a nanny: Part One

If parents have never hired a nanny before, it may be difficult for their children to immediately accept her. This often isn't the nanny's fault, of course. Children are likely so used to their parents that it's difficult to welcome a completely new person into their daily lives.

When you're looking to help your children get acclimated, here are a few tips to make the transition go more smoothly.

1. Prepare in advance

Sometimes parents don't have as much time as they would like to prepare their children for a nanny. They might have suddenly taken up a new job, for example, leaving very little time to help their kids adjust. If, however, they do have plenty of time, they should use it wisely. Parents should explain to their children what a nanny does, how she'll be helping around the house and how she'll assist them throughout the day. Also, parents should remember to explain that the nanny is not going to replace them. She's only there to assist.

2. Have the nanny meet the children

Prior to her first day on the job, parents should schedule a meet-and-greet. This could be done at the family's home, a comfortable setting for kids, or at lunch or at the playground. After the meeting, parents can further discuss with their children any reservations they may have.

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