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4 ways to make your resume stand out as a nanny: Part 1

Are you an experienced nanny who's prowling the online job boards looking for your next career? Are you struggling to make your resume stand out from the crowd? Don't be ashamed! Resume writing is difficult, but that's why we're here to help. Here are two resume writing tips to help your document turn heads.

1. Tout your experience
Your resume is the first chance you have to showcase your experience and talents to families. It's your portrait of words. You need to wow the family, and the best way to do that is to tout your experience. For example, if you once started your own nanny business, but it didn't work out, let them know! It's difficult to start a business and build clientele. Most families—certainly the ones you'd likely want to work for—will view your former company as a positive. It shows that you have experience in the field and that you take initiative. 

2. Use lots of numbers
If you've been scanning the Internet for resume-writing advice, you've likely come across tips that noted how numbers, such as sales statistics, are resume gold. However, most of these job postings were likely for managerial or sales jobs. A career-building website might have noted something on the sample resume like, "Increased company sales by 20 percent by year's end" or "Improved retention rate by 30 percent."

While these points don't fit your particular position, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use numbers. Note how many practices you drove kids to each week, how many meals you cooked a day or how you helped increase the children's grades during each semester. These numbers hold just as much validity for your position as sales and retention rate numbers do for managerial or sales positions.

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