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4 ways to make your resume stand out as a nanny: Part 2

Are you looking to apply to nanny jobs? Not sure how to write your resume? Don't fear. In the first part of our two-part series, we suggested that you tout your experience and use lots of numbers, such as statistics, to help your resume stand out.  In the final part of our two-part series, we explore a couple more ways:

1. Put together a plan
While this series is mainly devoted to describing ways to improve your resume, we should also note that, by themselves, these documents usually won't get you hired. We recommend you complement your resume with a secondary source.

Take for example a candidate who is interviewing for a top business position. This professional will likely walk into his or her interview with more than just a resume. If the candidate wants to impress the hiring manager, he or she will probably hand over a report or portfolio highlighting career accomplishments. This report may, for example, detail how he or she helped a department reorganize by describing the initial plan of execution and follow-up results.

Take a similar approach when interviewing for your nanny position. While you likely won't present a detailed business report, you may showcase a planner that breaks down a daily and weekly schedule for the children you'll be watching. The planner could detail goals you'd like to accomplish, such as improving the children's grades.

2. Keep it well organized
Families are often very busy, between taking care of their children and going to work. They're likely to read your resume before they drive to work, while they eat lunch, or in the evening when the commotion in their home settles down. Because they don't have much time to decipher the document, it's important you make it as scannable as possible. What we mean by that is this: Keep it clean, use bullets and make it clear how you can help them.

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