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4 ways to make your workplace a more positive environment

Do your employees seem depressed? Are they unhappy in their role? As you might expect, this could affect their productivity. Here are four ways you can increase their happiness:

1. Develop your employees to increase engagement
It’s important you become more attuned with a concept called performance management. Gallup reported that managers who help their employees develop as professionals based on their strengths find the latter are twice as likely to engage with their colleagues.

How important is employee engagement?

In the corporate world, higher engagement levels result in increased company growth, according to Gallup. Sure, we understand households have different goals than companies. However, the reason these companies are successful is because their workers are more engaged in their work and thus more productive. To put it simply: Higher engagement levels mean an uptick in productivity.

2. Know how to provide feedback
Are you consistently berating your employees even if they’re producing what they believe is high-quality work? The Houston Chronicle noted this could cause employees to lose self-esteem, fear their job status or resent colleagues.

Prior to giving domestic workers feedback, consider the following:

  • Know how to properly conduct formal reviews.
  • Understand that how you provide feedback throughout the day or during a review will affect how an employee feels.

When conducting formal reviews, you’ll typically have more time to prepare your feedback. During the meeting, you’ll discuss the employees’ strengths and areas they need to improve. However, don’t focus solely on mistakes they’ve made. Also tell them what they’ve done right. It’s important to build up their confidence while also giving them goals to strive for.

When you’re critiquing employees in the field, you need to carefully advise them. In these situations, managers don’t have time to prepare their feedback – they have to provide it in real time. As a result, they may be more prone to saying the wrong things. Before you say something, step back, think, and carefully construct your words.

3. Evaluate your workplace
Are your domestic workers leaving for other jobs? It’s critical you find out why. A LinkedIn survey of 18,000 fully-employed workers in 26 countries revealed the top reasons people left for different jobs. Passive employees searched for more money and a better work/life balance while active ones wanted more challenging work and room for growth.

It’s important to understand who your employees are and what they want. If you’d like to keep them around long term – and we assume you do – offer them a fair deal, which is one that entices them to stay.

4. Reward your employees
Employees don’t just feel good when they’re paid for their hard work. They likely want their employers to recognize them for it in the form of rewards or awards. If you have a large staff of domestic workers, you can award the best employees with plaques. If you have a small crew, reward them with unique offerings such as gift cards to their first stores or even fun movie passes they can share with their families.

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