4 ways to tell if you should become a personal assistant

If you enjoy working with people, have great time management skills and have managed teams in the past, you may be a great personal assistant. Here are four ways to tell whether becoming a personal assistant is the right career path for you:

1. Proper background

If you have a business, marketing, communications or financial background, becoming a personal assistant may prove to be your career calling. As a personal assistant you'll be able to play a key role in your employer's business strategies, assisting him or her in everything from leading projects to building reports and making presentations. As the right-hand person to your employer, you may also be entrusted to provide tactical advice.

2. Interpersonal skills

Personal assistants don't need to be outgoing to be successful, however, they do need to know how to communicate effectively. If you have a knack of delivering presentations or talking with people, you could make for a great personal assistant. A person with this trait can easily earn an employer's trust.

3. Great time management

Are you always on time for events? Employers value employees who are not only on time for work but also get their work done efficiently and effectively. These employees complete reports and assignments on time with few problems.

4. Being a leader

As a personal assistant you may be tasked with leading a small team. Whether you're managing a team or working on your own, employers respect employees who have leadership qualities. Two of those are interpersonal and time management skills we already described.

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