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5 autumn food trends for personal chefs to try

Pumpkin and pumpkin spice treats are the most common, popular treats in the fall, but there are a few other seasonal food items that personal chefs in Los Angeles can incorporate into their menus. Many employers will appreciate a seasonal menu, and likely will not think of some of the available options outside of what is marketed as a seasonal food. Beyond pumpkins, apples and figs are also in season. Beets, endives, broccoli, cabbage, celery, kale, cranberries, fennel, rutabaga, spinach, turnips and of course, winter squash, are also all in season during the fall.

As a private chef, you likely already know a wide variety of recipes, but here are a few more to supplement a seasonal menu:

Bacon-wrapped figs – Figs are another seasonal item that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. For an excellent appetizer or hors d'oeuvre, make bacon-wrapped figs, stuffed with goat cheese and pecans. Here is a popular recipe option, according to Southern Living.

Chili – Chili is a popular fall food because it's warm and hearty, helping guard against the chill air. There are thousands of chili recipe's out there, but a good base is a half ground beef, half ground pork mixed with kidney beans, rice, fresh peppers and tomatoes.

Cranberry relish – Cranberries aren't just for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, they can be an excellent side dish for any meal, and cranberry relish is the best way to serve it in order to incorporate it into a broader variety of meals. Simply Recipes' suggestion includes tart green apples in the mix to give your relish a unique flavor profile. 

Pumpkin soup – While pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage, a hearty pumpkin soup can make an excellent appetizer or lunch for your employer. Pumpkin soup can also be customized in a wide variety of ways, making it sweeter, spicier or as the base for a rich stew. Simply Recipes suggests a smoked paprika version.

Roast lamb – Roasting is a popular cooking method in the fall and winter because it puts meat at a high temperature and enhances the flavor in ways that accentuate seasonal foods and spices. Lamb is a popular option due to the time of year, but nearly any meat can be roasted, as can nearly any variety of vegetables. Some good options include turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots or beets.

Personal chefs always have to keep a few surprises in their repertoire, and mixing in a blend of seasonal-specialties is a great way to impress your diners. Anyone looking for personal chef jobs in LA should contact Colonial Domestic Agency to find the right household that can benefit from your skills.

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