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5 common responsibilities of chauffeurs

Chauffeurs play an important role in their employers lives, but there is more to this profession than simply driving a car or limousine. A private chauffeur has to be good at navigation and act as a trip planner and even sometimes as a mechanic in order to perform their job properly. Before you look for work as a chauffeur in Los Angeles, make sure you are aware of some of these essential skills that every personal driver should acquire.

Five of the most common responsibilities a chauffeur has are:

Etiquette – Most employers will require a certain level of decorum and etiquette from their drivers, which may vary by job. Some may require a uniform, while others will be happy with a suit. Regardless, it is important to learn the expectations of your employer and meet or exceed them, and to maintain high personal standards of hygiene and attitude. This will impress both your employer and any guests in his or her company, and ensure a positive employment record.

Expenses keeping – While their employer is responsible for the actual payment, chauffeurs will need to learn to take meticulous records regarding gas, maintenance and other car-related notes, as well as driving time, mileage, travel time and such. This record keeping will prevent misunderstandings later on and also help optimize repairs and schedules for cleaning and other necessities.

Mechanic – A chauffeur will often have to handle any vehicle maintenance needs his or herself, whether this means contacting towing companies and garages, or performing mechanical work. Furthermore, keeping the vehicle clean inside and out, performing inspections, checking fluids, making minor repairs and in general maintaining the appearance and performance of the vehicle all falls on the shoulder of a professional chauffeur.

Navigation – A chauffeur isn't just responsible for driving, but also planning routes, looking into weather for the destination and having alternate routes and strategies planned to ensure their employer arrives on time and safely on every trip. This also means looking into destination hotels, airports, parking areas, tolls, points of interest on the route and local restaurants. Plus, a chauffeur will want to plan their own time carefully, so that when they aren't behind the wheel they can answer calls from their employer on the fly without inconveniencing them or themselves.

Safe driving – Maintaining a clean driving record, even in their personal vehicle, is also an important requirement for a good chauffeur. Speeding tickets and accidents will impact one's performance on the job as well, and it is important to maintain a spotless record in order to maximize your chances of getting a new job as well. A chauffeur's license is more challenging to acquire than a standard driver's license, so be sure to stay on top of any requirement changes and update your license as needed.

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