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5 non-turkey meal ideas for Thanksgiving dinner

As a personal chef, you likely encounter a much more diverse palette than chefs in a normal restaurant do. From fad diets to more traditional ways of eating, your employer may have unique menu requirements that can be trickier to meet, especially on holidays and other special occasions where there are traditional menu items they can't eat. For a private chef in Los Angeles in these circumstances, Thanksgiving dinner might be a particularly tricky meal, especially if your employer is vegetarian.

Here are a few ideas for turkey-free and alternative meals that can be a hit at Thanksgiving if your employer expects you to come up with a special menu:

Pot roast – If meat is still an option, but your employer doesn't like turkey, you may try a pot roast with cranberry succotash, as recommended by Babble. This recipe incorporates traditional cranberries to accent a non-traditional meat dish.

Salmon – While meat may be off the menu for some, fish could be an excellent replacement that is filling and full of protein. Consider a baked salmon dish, such as Eating Well's Salmon with Red Wine-Morel Sauce, which incorporates savory flavors that could be an excellent replacement for turkey.

Souffle – Souffle's may not sound like a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but with the right ingredients they can make an excellent replacement.  Eating Well recommends a broccoli and goat cheese souffle for a unique take on this dish.

Stuffed squash – Stuffed squash can be a filling main dish that will make vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike happy on Thanksgiving. Eating Well recommends an acorn squash stuffed with chard and white beans as a turkey replacement, a filling meal idea that incorporates some traditional North American food items with healthier fare. This option will go well with many other, more traditional Thanksgiving foods and white wine – allowing you to keep the same wine menu for turkey eaters and vegetarians alike.

Stuffed pork loin – Another meat option that varies from turkey is a stuffed pork loin. This dish provides a similar style meal to a stuffed turkey but with more variety. Babble suggests a cherry, almond and wild rice stuffed pork loin that combines savory and sweet in a way that will impress any palette.

Personal chefs have to have a broad number of recipes in their repertoire to stay ahead of their client's health and diet preferences and keep up with the latest trends in gourmet dining. These options provide for a unique Thanksgiving menu, but there are many other ways to approach unique dining needs. If you think you have what it takes to become a private cook in Los Angeles, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for job placement assistance.

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