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5 skills every chauffeur should possess

Chauffeur's have a demanding job, but picking up a few additional skills here and there can help make them a little more confident about their performance. It's not that employers are demanding, but being a talented Los Angeles chauffeur means taking on a few responsibilities other than driving a vehicle.

Five of the best additional talents that can help chauffeurs are:

Defensive driving – Defensive driving doesn't mean the standard class offered to new drivers to help them be safer on the road, but a very specific skill set focused on security. Defensive courses will help professional drivers be more aware of risks and hazards on the road, from avoiding illegal road blocks to evading paparazzi without injuring them. This skill goes hand in hand with being a safer driver, but is more focused on risks that a chauffeur might encounter while driving his employer around in another country, during civil unrest or should a stalker attack the vehicle.

First aid – Learning basic first aid, or even taking more advanced first responder courses, can be incredible valuable as a chauffeur. Should there be an accident or your employer get ill in the vehicle, being able to potentially save his or her life can make you an indispensable employee.

Intimate knowledge of the cities you drive in – As a chauffeur you need to be able to navigate wherever you're driving with ease, even if there's an accident, construction or other detours to cope with. This means knowing your employer's home city like the back of your hand, but also researching travel destinations and being able to drive with ease in these locations as well.

Personal security – Sometimes chauffeurs also have to act as bodyguards for their employers, so learning the basics of personal security, how to disarm an attacker and even getting a carry license for a firearm may all be very useful in this profession. While it may not come up often, being able to protect your employer makes you a more valuable asset than just driving a car.

Sense of style – While it may not seem important, all employers want to see their chauffeurs well-dressed. Learning the basics of men's fashion and learning what clothing will be formal but comfortable to wear behind the wheel is essential for being a better-than-average professional driver.

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