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5 tips for keeping your car spotless and detailed

As a chauffeur one of your responsibilities is keeping a car that is not only clean, but detailed to impress. This requires constant upkeep and cleanliness, checking the vehicle daily for smudges or dirt and wiping down windows and the interior on a regular basis. However, it takes a practiced hand to professionally detail a car, and a few pointers could save you money and time in the long run in performing you vehicle cleaning on your own.

Here are a few tips for making sure the car you're driving remains spotless and is perfectly detailed for every trip:

Always hand wash – In order to ensure your vehicle is properly cleaned, always hand wash it, rather than take it through a car wash. While it may take more time, this allows you to inspect every surface of the car as you go, checking it over for any caked on grit, scratches or damage that might need special attention. This also ensures the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and that you get in every little place that dirt may hide. Make sure to inspect the job afterward as well to double-check for any missed dirt.

Compressed air to loosen debris – If there is any dirt or debris stuck on the interior of your vehicle, especially in the carpeting, you can use compressed air and a stiff brush to break it up and remove it without spending extra time scrubbing this area. This ensures that the filth is removed with minimal effort or damage to your car's carpeting or upholstery.

Remember small nooks and crannies – Every car has fine ridges in the interior leather and hidden nooks and crannies that dirt and debris can hide in. Every time you clean make sure to go over these areas with a vacuum to pick up the loose items, and to use a fine brush or even a cotton swab to clean them out thoroughly, ensuring no grime is left over to be noticed by your employer during a drive.

Use the right soap – Washing a car is serious business, and even using the wrong kind of soap can show over time. Auto soap is specially formulated to protect your paint and overcoat, while household detergents can cause the paint and clear coat to decay faster, resulting in a faded look or even peeling. It is also important to use a clean rinse water as you wash to remove the soap entirely, rather than using the soapy water, which will leave a residue.

Vacuum air vents – In order to completely clean out the car, vacuum out the air vents as well to remove dust particles and any dirt or debris that may have gotten into them. This will help to freshen up the car and improve air flow as well.

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