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5 ways for nannies to prepare for emergencies

Nannies don't have it easy. They are caregivers, which means they must know how to do everything from cooking and cleaning to taking care of children during an emergency. In this article, we'll cover the types of emergencies nannies may face and how to effectively handle them.

1. Allergies

If the children have allergies, nannies must understand how to manage them. Prior to taking the job, they should read up on effective treatment methods and what to do if a medical emergency were to occur.

2. Emergency information

Nannies should have the contact information of parents, personal physicians and hospitals on hand.

3. Directions

Nannies should know where the parents are located at all times. They should also know how to get to the nearest doctor's office, hospital, police or fire station.

4. First aid training

There are plenty of places in and around LA that nannies can become CPR and first-aid certified. Parents are much more confident hiring a nanny who has the ability to protect their children during an emergency.

5. Layout of home

Understanding the layout of a home can reduce exit times during a fire or medical emergency. They need to know where the exits are located and where the parents keep their children's medicine.

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