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5 winter driving tips for chauffeurs

While Los Angeles may not be known for its snowy winter weather, a chauffeur will often be required to drive all over the world. As winter approaches, now is the appropriate time to catch up on winter driving skills. Whether it's driving your employer on a ski vacation or a business trip in New York, make sure you know how to operate a vehicle safely on snow and ice.

Here are a few of our top tips for preparing for winter driving and making the most of rough road conditions:

Keep the tank half-filled – Cars are harder to start in the cold, and if the tank gets closer to empty you risk being unable to start it or worse, if you get stuck, having it run out of fuel and having no source of heat. Make sure to fill up whenever you reach half a tank and keep it topped off whenever you're heading out on a longer drives.

Pack a shovel – Put a snow shovel in the trunk for the winter, just in case. If you drive north or to snowier parts of the state you'll want the added security of being able to dig the car out or easily clear it off. A shovel will come in handy, just make sure it's a sturdy one with a solid handle.

Remember to drive slower – Snow and ice make roads slippery and black ice won't even be clearly visible, so remember to drive a little slower in the winter and plan extra driving time for any trips. They may take a little longer, but the safety of you and your employer is worth it.

Replace the windshield wipers – Even if they are in decent working condition, unless you just replaced them last month early winter is the best time to put brand new wipers on the vehicle. You can even invest in heavier winter wipers to help with snow removal and extend their lifespan through the colder months. Windshield wipers are made of rubber, which can be damaged easily in the cold, especially when wet, so make sure to inspect and replace them if necessary at the end of winter as well.

Schedule pre-season maintenance – Getting your vehicle serviced right before winter strikes is always a solid plan. While you may get the car checked out before a long trip already, doing so during October or early November is a good way to avoid problems during colder months and prevent a breakdown or similar issue due to the cold, ice buildup or other weather-related problems.

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