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6 places to experience autumn in L.A.: Part One

Are you a nanny who works in the city? Do you want the children you’re watching to experience autumn, but you’re not sure where to go?

Look no further. Here are three places right in southern California you can take the kids to watch the leaves change colors.

1. Descanso Gardens

Kids will love Descanso Gardens for a variety of reasons. They’ll appreciate its easy-to-hike trails, gift shop and snack bar and gardens of flowers and trees from all over the world. It’s also the perfect area to see autumn in L.A.

Stroll leisurely through the oak forest and woodland and ancient forest as leaves gently fall from the trees and drift past you. If he kids are feeling a little sleepy, take them to the Japanese Garden where they can nap and you can take in a personal moment of Zen.

2. Lacy Park

Southern L.A. is home to more than palm trees. Head over to Lacy Park in San Marino and take in its plethora of deciduous trees spotting the landscape.

Take a walk around the park’s mile-long walking path. Or, if this is too long for the kids, let them have fun on the newly renovated playground. The park allows bikes, scootersand roller skates. On the weekends the cost is only $4. During the week, the park is free for all entrants.

3. Malibu Creek State Park

If you and the kids want a little more of a challenge, head over to Malibu Creek State Park. Here you can take in the changing leaves of old growth trees as you walk along its trails and stream. If you want a place to eat lunch, have a picnic under the park’s abundance of large oaks.

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