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6 problems you may face this Thanksgiving and how to solve them: Part One

Thanksgiving is one of the most fun but often stressful times of year. If you're not prepared, you can face a number of problems. In part one of our two-part series, we chronicle some of those issues and how to fix them.

1. Fussy eaters

Let's say you love to cook but you know some family members are fussy eaters, particularly the children. How do you get around this? Hire a personal chef. Many chefs will be able to cook a wide range of meals that are bound to satisfy your guests. This will save you the extra stress of also trying to cook new meals that you may not feel comfortable cooking.

2. Messy house

It's hard to keep the home clean leading up to Thanksgiving. Often we find ourselves starting to clean a couple of days before, which is part of the reason we often feel stressed out. Avoid this anxiety by hiring a housekeeper through Colonial Domestic. Housekeepers ensure every inch of your home looks spotless.

Along with hiring a housekeeper, focus on rooms that need to be cleaned, like common areas. Shut the doors to bedrooms or rooms that are unlikely to be used.

3. Travel problems

Do you anticipate flight delays or traffic? Let's say every year you face these problems, and you want to try to avoid them this Thanksgiving. Consider hiring a personal assistant or chauffeur. A personal assistant can help arrange travel for family members while a chauffeur can pick them up from the airport.

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