6 problems you may face this Thanksgiving and how to solve them: Part Two

Thanksgiving is a time to bring people together, reminisce about the old days, eat good food and make new memories. However, let's face it. Before we get to enjoy everything the holiday brings we have to work our way through a nightmare that includes trying to plan the party, making travel arrangements and keeping kids entertained.

Here are some ways to solve those problems:

1. Antsy children

Kids, especially small children, can become antsy throughout a big holiday like Thanksgiving. They can become hungry at any time — usually well before dinner is served — and have a tendency to want attention from adults.

While this is perfectly natural, it can present problems on Thanksgiving, especially when you're trying to prepare to host family. You can lessen your load by hiring a nanny or personal assistant. They can ensure your kids are well taken care of throughout the day as you focus on cooking, cleaning and entertaining.

2. Entertainment and hosting

Do you plan on having a large gathering and will you feel overwhelmed trying to plan everything? Maybe you're not sure what type of music to play or how decorate your home. If this is the case, think about hiring a personal assistant who has a strong event planning and business background. He or she can help with your event's logistics.

3. Lodging

If you don't have enough beds in your home, you'll have to find places for your out-of-town family members to stay. Doing so can be a hassle, especially as hotels fill up quickly. Instead of spending hours on the phone with these lodges, hire a personal assistant to do the work for you. Along with making travel arrangements, he or she can ensure your family and friends are set up in the nicest hotels around town.

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