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6 professionals to hire during winter: Part 1

The winter presents a number of challenges for families. On one hand, some parents like to take cold-weather trips around the country, but often find it difficult to do so because they have kids to take care of. On the other hand, executives often have to drive from one client location to another during poor weather conditions, which increases the chance they get into accidents. Stay prepared this winter by hiring these professionals:

1. A chauffeur
You only need a thin layer of snow or water covering the pavement to make streets too dangerous to drive on. This becomes especially true during the winter when temperatures can suddenly drop. Don't become a statistic. Hire a chauffeur to drive you to and from work, your appointments or errands.Chauffeurs are well-trained, experienced drivers. Many have even completed driver courses that focus on operating a vehicle in poor weather.

2. A personal chef
If you want to devour warm winter treats but don't have time to cook them, hire a personal chef. Chefs hired through Colonial Domestic can cook an array of winter meals that will delight the taste buds of all of your family members.

If you also want to stay fit this winter, a personal chef can whip up healthy meals and even customize them to your desire.

3. A nanny
If you love to ski and take vacations to cold-destination areas, you may need to hire someone to watch your children. But always bring someone on board who has experience. Many nannies hired through Colonial Domestic have background in First Aid in CPR. They are also well adept at cooking a variety of meals.

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