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6 professionals to hire during winter: Part 2

If you're busy this winter and looking for some relief, consider hiring some professionals to help you out. In the first part of our two-part series, we detailed why chauffeurs, chefs and nannies all make great hires. Here are three more professionals:

1. Housekeeper
Why wait for spring cleaning? A housekeeper can keep your home clean year-round. When searching for a housekeeper, it's important to first know exactly what you're looking for. This is where Colonial Domestic comes into play. We'll fit you with the right employee, so you can feel confident he or she is tending to your home with the upmost care.

2. Personal Assistant
Do you need help with a business report? Do you need assistance answering dozens of emails? Or do you need someone to run errands for you during the day? A personal assistant can do this and more.

During the winter, executives are busy running their departments and businesses and trying to enjoy the brisk weather at cold-season resorts. This leaves little time to manage many smaller chores they once had time to do.

3. Butler
If you've hired a housekeeper and personal assistant, you may need someone to help train and manage them. They'll also organize the duties and schedule of domestic staff.

Butlers understand the importance of being friendly, anticipatory, invisible but always available. They'll answer your phone, greet and receive guests at the door and supervise the reception of visitors.

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