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6 things nannies should be prepared for if parents work from home: Part One

In general, it's not easy being a nanny. But it can be even more difficult if he or she watches kids who have parents who work from home. There are a number of issues that nannies will run across in this type of situation. In part one of our two-part series, we explore a few issues and ways to solve them.

1. Undermined authority

Children know when the parents are home and they'll use that to their advantage when they can. That means any time the child is upset, he or she is likely to want Mom or Dad before seeking help from the nanny. To keep their role as leaders, nannies must set clear boundaries. During "office hours," parents need to respect the nanny's authority and instruct the children that if they have any problems to talk to the nanny.

2. Picky parents

Parents who work from home will hear every bump, yell, cry and scream. As parents, it's natural to feel compelled to go check on the children. However, it's important nannies establish trust with the parents. This will allow them to efficiently do their job by ensuring they are able to maintain their role as leaders.

3. When the work day ends

Many parents who work from home love their jobs. They may begin work right when they wake up and end work when they go to sleep. Their hours fluctuate considerably so there really isn't a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule like typical office workers. Because of this, nannies needs to be comfortable letting the parents know when the work day has ended.

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