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6 tips for keeping children active this fall: Part Two

It’s important for kids to stay active throughout the year. If you’re a nanny, encourage kids to spend time outdoors this fall. There is plenty to do.

In the final part of our two-part series, we explore three more ways you and the kids you’re watching can enjoy autumn.

1. Go to a farmer’s market

Instead of going to the grocery store, take the children to the farmer’s market. It’ll give you the opportunity to instill in them a sense of community pride and also teach them about the value of healthy living.

Farmer markets sell fresh produce from family farms. The food sold often depends on the season, so you’ll be able to find a lot of seasonal food types there that you may not find in a typical grocery store.

2. Go to a fall festival

Once you’ve finished you’re shopping at the farmer market, go to a fall festival in southern California. There are plenty, but one of the most popular is the Halloween Harvest Festival at the Pierce Farm Center from Sept. 26 to Nov 2. Dubbed the largest harvest festival in southern California, you can take part in corn mazes, haunted houses and trails and pick out pumpkins

3. Go shopping

While not common, temperatures can fall as low as 40 degrees in southern California during the fall and winter. Be prepared and go shopping ahead of time! The kids will love shopping for fleece jackets and other cool-weather clothing.

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