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6 tips for keeping your home clean for your holiday party: Part One

If you're planning your holiday party, you have a lot to think about. Food, entertainment, and traveling and lodging logistics are only a few of the tasks you'll have to manage as the big day approaches. Along with these tasks, you'll have to clean your home, which can take awhile depending on the current state it's in.

To make things easier for you, we put together a list of six ways to make cleaning less stressful. Also, think about hiring a housekeeper who knows what cleaning agents to use and how to efficiently get the job done.

1. The kitchen

The kitchen should be one of the last places you clean because you'll be cooking all the way up to the day of the event. When you are ready to clean it, do so in steps. First, spray all surfaces, such as counters and stovetops before you begin to clean using a degreaser or multisurface spray cleaner. Then wipe down all surfaces with a damp cleaning cloth.

When you're done wiping counters, move to the sink and use a powdered cleanser or a spray degreaser. Finally, scrub the stovetop and sweep and mop floors.

2. The living room

Most of your guests will likely congregate in the kitchen or living room, so it's important to make this room spotless. First, dust all areas of the room, along with framed pictures. Don't forget the ceiling fan! Wash draperies, curtains and blinds. Finally, have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned.

If you want to make cleaning easier, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today and hire a domestic housekeeper.

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