6 ways to become a better personal assistant: Part One

Being a great personal assistant takes a lot of work. Here we discuss a few ways you can become an even better personal assistant. After all, there's always room for improvement.

1. Become indispensable

As a personal assistant, one of your main goals shouldn't be to just please your boss. It's to become indispensable. You want your boss to rely on you to finish projects, meet with clients and lead other employees. While you're technically not "the boss," you should strive to become a boss or leader. Working hard to become your boss's right-hand person will also make your job much less stressful.

2. Be a spokesperson

When you make a mistake, take ownership and vow to never make the same mistake again. Never make excuses. If you're leading a project and one of your team members makes a mistake, sit down and talk with him or her. Explain how to complete the assignment correctly. As a personal assistant, you're not only representing a company, you're representing your boss.

3. Be a student

No matter how experienced you are, you can always learn something new. Sit in on classes, closely watch your boss or coworkers and read up on your industry when you have time. When you put in extra effort, you could have more say in projects and be able to complete them more efficiently.

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