6 ways to make a great impression as a personal assistant: Part 1

If you're a personal assistant and want to know how you can better earn the trust of your employer, take a look at the advice provided here. While all personal assistants have different responsibilities, the following tips can still be applied to fit your specific job functions.

1. Go above and beyond your job
Personal assistants can have a wide variety of job responsibilities. They can be as simple as answering emails, plugging data into spreadsheets, or preparing business reports or presentations for clientele. No matter the job, the best personal assistants go above and beyond their responsibilities. That means answering emails thoroughly and completely. Quick answers won't suffice. Or, if they're preparing reports or presentations, they must create a report that will always impress.

By doing more than what's expected, personal assistants will quickly obtain the trust of their employers.

2. Understand the overall business strategy
Many personal assistants are like vice presidents. They're not necessarily the face of the company (or even the vice president them self), but they're required to understand the company's overall business strategy like top executives. They need to speak their language, understand how the company's progressing and, without hesitation, provide advice when needed.

A great personal assistant can quickly digest how the company operates and where it wants to go.

3. See (and hear) the big picture
The best personal assistants are able to recognize how employees communicate across departments and recommend improvements. They're also able to keep up with trends across the industry and help predict how the landscape will settle in the coming weeks, months and years.

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