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9 great block party ideas: Part Three

Although planning a block party can be time consuming, it can be very rewarding. You'll have the opportunity to meet new neighbors, introduce your children to new friends and feel rewarded for accomplishing a big goal. Here are some tips to help you make your next block party a smashing hit.

1. Hire a housekeeper

It's inevitable. You're going to have heaps of post-party debris to clean up and at the moment, the only thing you can think about is how you're probably going to take on the task alone. Sure, you can enlist neighbors to help out, but that doesn't mean the job will be done correctly. How do you know if they properly washed down your folding tables? Did they separate the recycles from the garbage like you asked? When hiring a housekeeper, you wouldn't have to think twice about the quality of work.

2. Place Heavy Focus on Entertainment and Play

One major difference between a regular BBQ and a block party is the atmosphere. While a BBQ is a great time to spend time with friends and family, the occasion's focus is mainly around the food and some background tunes. When planning a block party, you must also focus on entertainment. After all, it isn't called a "party" for nothing.
Renting a kids bounce house or asking the local fire department to appear for fun, safety demonstrations are two ways to keep your block party exciting.

3. Decorate

What is the theme of your block party? Do you want it to focus around a central idea? Or, maybe you'd rather just focus on the general concept of bringing your community together. Whatever the case, you should decorate.

Decorating gets people excited and gives them something to look forward too. Place yourself in their shoes. Wouldn't you be excited if you woke up early on a Saturday morning to see balloon waiving in the wind, neighbors rolling out the speakers and preparing the smoker for an afternoon of great food, games and music?

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