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9 mistakes candidates make during an interview with a domestic staffing agency: Part 1

Often candidates make one or two mistakes in interviews that cost them being offered the job. Here are some common mistakes candidates make:

1. Not focusing on families

Remember, your audience is families. So always relate your points back to how you can make their lives easier and more efficient. For example, if you're a chef and have worked in restaurants your whole life, inform the recruiter this experience has made you more prepared to work in a domestic setting. As a result of working there, maybe your meal selection has become more diverse over the years. Or, if you've always worked in family restaurants you now have the qualifications to create meals for and work with children.

2. Forgetting to key in on important points

One of the worst things that can happen in an interview is that you forget to say something important. The interview ends and you walk out of the building remembering that you missed an opportunity to delve more into a topic.

Avoid this mistake by preparing and jotting down notes prior to the interview and, when applicable, building a portfolio. For example, a portfolio would be great for a chef who can use it to showcase pictures and  recipes of his or her meals.

3. Not asking questions

If you're applying to be a house cleaner, how many rooms will the family expect you to clean on a weekly basis? If you're a houseman, how many windows will you have to wash monthly? If you're a chauffeur, what will your daily driving schedule look like? These are basic questions, but they lead to long and detailed conversations, which help you set expectations.

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