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9 mistakes that can ruin your job interview: Part One

Whether you're applying to be a nanny, nurse, personal assistant or chef, you must remember that making a mistake during an interview can cost you a job. In fact, mistakes can cost you a position before you even begin a conversation with a recruiter.

In part one of our three-part series, we look at a few mistakes you should avoid during your interview.

1.  Arriving late

If you arrive late to an interview, the interviewer may assume you'll also be tardy when showing up at a family's home. That's why it's important to show the recruiter you are timely. After all, a family may be on a tight schedule and will need to rely on an employee who can arrive when expected.

2.  Talking poorly about a former employer

If you had a bad experience with a former employee or employer, it's best you keep it to yourself during an interview. Doing so may make the recruiter question whether you'll talk poorly about his or her firm in the future. If the recruiter asks why you left your last job, and if it's because of poor working conditions, it's best to try and revert the focus back onto the current position you're applying for.

3.  Not listening and responding incorrectly

One of the most difficult parts of an interview is figuring out how much you should listen and talk. It's best to listen, be yourself and feel confident in your answers. An interview should be a conversation between two people getting to know each other.

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