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9 questions you must always ask during your job interview: Part 2

You want to place yourself in the best situation to land your dream job. To do that, you should prepare at least nine questions to ask a staffing agency or family during your interview. In part two of our three part series, we examine three more questions to help you land a position in the domestic field.

1.  What are some challenges a person in this position will face?

This question is important because it allows you to address your strongest points as they relate to the most difficult aspects of the job. Asking this question could ease any trepidations the staffing agency or family might have about hiring you. For example, if you are applying to be a personal assistant, you may have to complete something as difficult as planning a large family reunion or as simple as grocery shopping. If you've never planned large-scale events before, this is certainly a challenge you would need to address.

2. What attributes does someone in this position need to succeed?

If you're a chauffeur, you'll need to have an excellent driving record and perfect hospitality skills. When the staffing agency or family mentions the importance of hospitality, you can talk about how your previous employer complimented your impeccable customer service skills.

3.  May I have your card/contact information?

Don't forget to ask your interviewers for their contact information. You'll need to have a way to contact them so you can follow up and send them a thank you letter. Before the interview begins it's appropriate to ask interviewers for their business card. It's better to ask at the beginning than go on a scavenger hunt after you walk out of the building. 

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