9 tips to plan a relaxing family vacation this fall: Part Two

It's not too late to ask your personal assistant to help you plan your autumn vacation. The trees in many areas of the country haven't changed colors yet, so you still have time to book it.

Here are three tips to help your personal assistant plan the perfect getaway:

1. Book now

It's always preferable to book your trip months ahead of time. Doing so will give your personal assistant more opportunities to adjust travel arrangements and help you prepare work projects. You'll also have more time to pack belongings or buy items you might need for the trip. Remember, planning your vacation should be stress-free. Instead of worrying about trying to book hotels and flights, you should focus on fun things such as what kind of events you and your family will attend. 

2. Plan accordingly

Even if you're planning your trip last minute, make sure you create a well-organized itinerary. Include items to bring, your daily plans and where you want to eat. This will prevent you from having to find places to buy the items you forgot to bring and aimlessly driving around looking for food. 

3. Bring extra supplies

Bring extra toys, books or magazines for the kids. You might even bring a movie to keep them entertained. Stock up on non-perishable travel snacks or meals to help satisfy your appetite mid-flight. Doing all of this will ensure  you're prepared for any kind of situation ranging from boredom to hunger. 

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