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A great perk of homemade meals: Leftovers!

Working with a personal chef in Los Angeles could change the entire way you eat, not just your meals. That’s because the food you have for dinner could also serve as leftovers later. This is an especially good idea if your chef makes healthy meals for you and you have a busy work schedule to meet: it all adds up to more great dishes to help you stay in good shape during the rush.

It can be hard to find reliable, healthy food where you work. You’re often at the mercy of what’s around you, and even then it can be expensive, which is where pre-prepared food will come in. Healthy options may be more attractive to employees now than in the past, though, as a Food in the Workplace survey from Seamless Corporate Accounts found. The source discovered that 81 percent of a group of 1,000 office workers want healthy food options for special company events.

One of the problems with this, though, is the lack of guidance. How will you know for sure what kind of meal is actually healthy, and what just seems like it? Office managers ordering lunch might not have the kind of in-depth knowledge that chefs do. Bring your own lunch and you can avoid the subpar food others might offer.

In addition, true professionals may know both the nutritious content of foods themselves and the best way to prepare them without reducing their health value. You can have the same healthy, well-made food more than once and know that there’s more where that came from. By collaborating with your chef, you can also have input over the menu, which is perfect if you also have dietary restrictions that are hard to cater to.

Hiring a personal chef can be a great way to take charge of your eating at home and elsewhere. Start working with Colonial Domestic Agency for help finding the person best for your home.

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