A personal assistant makes a difference for small businesses

As someone working for a small, startup business, you may not think you can afford a personal assistant to help your company develop. Although finances may be a real issue at this stage in development, the fact is that an assistant could be a valuable asset for your business. That's because working with a helper offers one very important asset: more time.

A recent Fast Company article noted time-saving as one of the biggest reasons an assistant makes sense. There's also the matter of their versatility, since an assistant can be in charge of just one task or a number of things that busy startups don't have the time to handle.

In a company where hiring needs and resources are relatively constrained, it's important to choose the person who brings the biggest value to your office. Estimating what you can get done with this person around will help you realize the possible benefits when they finally come to work for you.

However, before you hire a personal assistant, some planning may be in order. Simply hiring an assistant without thinking about what you want for them is a mistake. In fact, Jean Tang noted this as one of five mistakes that she noticed after searching through various candidates in this piece for Forbes.

She specifically said that she wasn't sure what the personal assistant needed to do and assumed that hiring a person who had "basic intelligence" and organization skills would be enough. Instead, Tang later realized that there were several specific things she needed from an assistant, and was able to prioritize those things instead.

Hiring a personal assistant can have more of an impact than you might think initially. Colonial Domestic Agency makes it easy to find someone who is best fit to increase your productivity.

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