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Activities for children while their parents hit the slopes

Winter is ski season, and many parents may plan ski trips and want to take their kids and the nanny. If your employer asks you to accompany them to the ski lodge and watch the kids while they are skiing or snowboarding, you'll want some fun activities ready to keep the children entertained. Here are a few of our favorite winter-time activities you can engage them in:

Build a snowman – Most ski lodges have ample area not used for actual skiing that they will allow younger children to play in out of the way of flying skiers. Building a snowman, having a snowball fight or making snow angels can be a great way to pass the time.

Color by the fire – Nearly every ski lodge has a roaring fireplace for those taking a break from the slopes to get warm. Bring a coloring book and some pencils and spend some time coloring and sipping hot chocolate by the fire.

Ski lessons – If they are old enough you can accompany the children on ski lessons at the lodge. Most provide all of the equipment and will allow you to take the trips up the lift and back down the hill with them on foot, so make sure to bring good boots!

These are just a few of the great activities that nannies can spend with their charges on a ski trip. If you're a looking for nanny jobs in Los Angeles, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. Our expert job placement services will help place you with a family most in need of your skills that also matches your personality and preferences.

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